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My Story with Canker-Rid

So, like I’ve mentioned before, I suffered from canker sores frequently. Since childhood until not so long ago, this problem insisted to be a part of my life.
I spent hours in Google to find a cure but for nothing, all I found was bullshits like using goats milk, lemon or garlic. It’s needless to say that none of them had helped me.

I thought to myself, WTF?! So many people suffer from canker sores (over 60% of world’s population) and nobody finds a way to get rid of it!

After a long period of searching, I’ve found a drug in Amazon, called Canker-Rid. The reviews in Amazon looked pretty good (it was few years ago so it didn’t have many reviews, like today). People said it helped them and killed the canker sore they had in few days or even hours.
It was hard for me to believe that it actually works but I had to try it, so I bought myself one.

Amazon delivery was waiting for me after a short time and I tried it on my canker sore that showed up in my lower lip a week before. I took a q-tip with the liquid (the Canker Rid is a bottle with liquid) and put it on my canker sore.
Wow, in the first seconds it burned my mouth off but after these terrible seconds the pain has GONE! I didn’t feel any pain or even small irritating. It felt to me like the canker sore lost his power.
The sore doesn’t disappear immediately, it takes few days to reach a complete disappearance but I think it doesn’t matter as long as it doesn’t hurt.

What Makes Canker-Rid Effective?41Ej601rMdL

CankerRid by Durham’s Bee Farm is a runny yellow-brown liquid consisting majorly of Bee Propolis, a sticky substance that is produced by honey bees. The bees usually collect plant resin from deciduous tree leaves and barks, and mixes it with bee nectar, wax, pollen and bee bread to form the all-natural Propolis. Characteristically, Propolis contains massive quantities of bioflavanoids and amino acids which are effective protectants against bacteria, viruses and fungi. It is the superior anti-microbial and antiviral properties of Propolis that makes Canker-Rid a potent solution for mouth sores.

How Does It Work?

Canker Rid is a natural and lasting solution for mouth lesions, sores and ulcers. It also gives quick relief from pain. When applied to the mouth sore, Canker Rid will create a film over the sore and then numb the pain. Usually, the film will last on the sore for at least 1 hour (depending on where the liquid is applied), making the sore less sensitive and less painful. The sore will then begin to heal without being painful and will take 3-4 days to heal. CankerRid is effective even for people suffering from Recurrent Aphthous Stomatitis (RAS) and will give amazing results even on humongous and agonizingly painful clusters of sores and hard-to-reach mouth ulcers.

To achieve better results with Canker-Rid, tissue paper should be used to first dry saliva off the sore before applying 1-2 drops of the liquid onto the sore. For difficult-to-reach places, such as tongue lesions, CankerRid should be applied using a saturated cotton-wool bud. After the liquid has been applied to the sore, it is important to breathe through the mouth for some seconds to speed up drying. Keeping the treated sore exposed to air for around 1 minute will ensure that the resulting film (coating) lasts longer. The film will seal out air and moisture, preventing irritation and pain. And while there will be a burning or stinging sensation when you first apply the product, the sting will only last a few seconds before the sore gets numb and relief kicks in. Besides, when using the product for the first time, it is advisable to perform sensitivity testing by applying 1 drop to one sore, just to make sure there is no adverse reaction to Canker-Rid. In addition, the product should be applied on the sore as often as necessary for the reason it’s a natural medicine.

Pros and Cons


  1. Provides instant relief, allowing you to talk, eat and swallow food without any pain, immediately.
  2. When used consistently, the healing time is greatly reduced.
  3. It works better than any FDA-approved medicine for mouth ulcers.
  4. Allows users to eat normally as if they do not have canker sores.
  5. Noticeable decrease in inflammation and swelling a few hours after application.


  1. Quite messy if not handled carefully; it can stain anything it comes into contact with, including clothes, finger-tips and teeth.
  2. It doesn’t have a really good taste.

I don’t think I need to tell you that the cons are minor compared to the huge pros this medicine offers, anyway, make your own considerations.

Usage Precautions:
People who have allergic reactions to bee products (like honey and Propolis) must not use this product. Similarly, individuals with HIV/AIDS, immune disorders, potentially life-threatening medical conditions and participants in experimental drug programs should consult their doctors before using Canker-Rid.

review amazon

One of the reviews I’ve seen when found Canker-Rid. (Click to see full size)

Where to Get it and how much it cost?

Canker-Rid is available at Amazon and a number of online stores. Even though its price of around $20 per bottle looks a little bit higher, each bottle will last around 6 months.
Moreover, since this product is the only one in the market that will diminish the pain and clear up the sores quickly, it is worth every penny!

The Bottom Line

Canker-Rid is an effective canker sores treatment product that will reduce the length of healing significantly, eliminate the pain caused by the sores, and allow you to eat, drink, talk and swallow normally. It is a perfect product for any person looking for an effective natural remedy for mouth ulcers.

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